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A more effective approach to ongoing software development, Team-as-a-Service (TaaS). Need software developers who act as your team?  Our primary focus is on the betting industry, but our expertise extends to fintech, healthcare, IoT, and startups as well. By crafting swift and effective mobile and web applications, we’re here to supercharge your business growth.

Our trusted partners

Our trusted partners

Software development services

JDK Tech offers a full spectrum of services, spanning from product conception to its successful launch. We’re prepared to conceptualize and craft your product, delivering web and mobile applications that align seamlessly with your business objectives!

JDK Tech Services

Mobile Applications

Our mobile app development process covers iOS and Android. We understand your goals, create tailored strategies, use the latest tech, maintain high quality, and offer ongoing support, exceeding your expectations on both platforms.

JDK Tech Services

Web app development

Ability to transform your ideas into tangible, user-friendly applications that not only meet your expectations but also exceed them. With a focus on innovation and precision, we are committed to turning your vision into reality.”

JDK Tech Services

Kiosk Applications

Our kiosk app development spans multiple platforms. We understand your goals, create tailored strategies, use cutting-edge tech, ensure quality, and provide ongoing support, consistently exceeding your expectations.

Meet our team leads

Thiyagaraj Somasundaram


A decade of expertise in product and project management, with a strong tech focus and a wealth of experience in both the IT and restaurant sectors. Formerly associated with Sysco and OMAK POS Technologies.

Hiranya Samarasekera


A software engineer with a quarter-century of experience, previously holding the position of Chief Technology Officer for the Sri Lankan government and serving as the former Vice President of Engineering at Sysco, a Fortune 500 company renowned for being the world’s largest food retailer, generating an annual revenue exceeding $50 billion, and headquartered in the United States.

JDK Tech’s client work

JDK Tech has worked with diverse projects with our sister company EatMe to produce outstanding tech collabs. Together, we have successfully delivered exceptional applications within tight timelines, specifically tailored to serve the restaurant market in Singapore.

EatMe Restaurant Ordering Web and Merchant App

EatMe’s Restaurant Ordering Web and Merchant App provide seamless solutions for both diners and restaurant owners. The web platform empowers customers to effortlessly place orders, while the merchant app streamlines operations, creating a win-win dining experience.

EatMe Restaurant Kiosk Application

The EatMe Restaurant Kiosk Application simplifies the dining experience. Customers can conveniently place orders using the intuitive interface, and restaurant owners benefit from streamlined operations. It’s a win-win solution for all.

EatMe Payment Application

Simplifying the overall experience for diners and restaurant owners by providing secure and convenient payment options and streamlining payment processing, reducing waiting times, and ensuring accurate, error-free transactions.

EatMe Mobile Application

A cutting-edge aggregator app seamlessly connecting customers and restaurants, integrating with the POS system to automate the dining experience and boost customer loyalty.

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